Vinro – Lees

Rotary Drum Vacuum Filtration

Vinro has Spadoni 5m compact R.D.V for the filtration of juice or ferment settling lees. With up to 90% recovery of juice from lees this filtration method can assist your winery in maximising fruit intake whilst maintaining a high level of juice quality leading into fermentation.

The R.D.V filter method is also applicible to

Juices that have inadvertantly begun fermentation.

Floatated lees.

There can be a fair amount of waste perlite from this filtration method, so we ask wineries to please supply adequate bins to catch spent filter medium. Otherwise all we need to operate are listed below.

  • 20 amp 3 phase power outlet.
  • Single phase power outlet.
  • Two water sources. Clean water to mix with Perlite. Plus running water (can be non potabe) to assist in vaccume (120L/hr usage)
  • Forklift to unload filter and earth.
  • Shelter in the event of incliment weather.
  • Picking tubs to catch spent filter medium.
  • 2″ or 1.5″ BSM lines.
  • Your lees and a clean tank to filter into.

Costs are 35c/L of lees to be filtered, With a minimum charge of $750 plus Perlite.

Location costs are $100 for travel more than 100km from base (Busselton). This is discounted where there is more than one customer being serviced or if the volumes are greater than 8000L

***Payment Terms are strictly 30 days. There is a 10% surcharge for New Customers or slow paying customers. ThisĀ is deducted at time of payment if paid on time.