Vinro - Crossflow

Why crossflow my wines?

Crossflow filtration technology employed by VINRO allows finished wines to be given clarity and freedom from microorganisms in a single filtration step by using specific Bucher Vaslin membranes and computer controlled filtration parameters.

The Crossflow membranes used by VINRO achieve excellent solids and cell removal from wine with little chance of clogging. If clogging of the membranes does occur we simply wash the machine and start again. No dosing of earth filters, no throwing out blocked cartridges or pads. In fact, there is nothing the winemaker has to worry about!

What other benefits are there?

  • Brilliantly clear wines (turbidity < 1NTU).
  • Bacterially stable wines.
  • Low retention of colloids.
  • No loss of colour.
  • No loss of CO 2 or SO 2.
  • No D.O pickup.
  • Wine losses of less than 1% typically.
  • Substantial savings on filtration costs.

Think about the impact…

Do you value the health and safety of your cellar staff? Tired of the costs associated with the disposal of earth, pads or cartridges?

Hygiene, health and safety are some of the key benefits of outsourcing your wine filtration to VINRO. Using single pass Crossflow technology we can eliminate the several passes through earth, pad or cartridge filter media required to obtain comparable results. After the Crossflow filtration is completed all we have to do is rinse the machine at your winery and take it back to our workshop for a full chemical wash before our next job.


As contractors, we guarantee the cleanliness of our filtration equipment. Ask our VINRO operator the cleanliness percentage of the filter next time you use us and be confident that it is at 100% at the beginning of the job.


Don’t subject yourself or your cellar staff to hours of long and tedious filtration, standing around on a concrete floor watching the pressure gauges on that old filter slowly going up and up and up – we are sure you have better things to do with your time.

Instead of dealing with the use and disposal issues relating to carcinogenic powders like diatomaceous earth, or the stress of another blocked set of filters – just call us. These issues are now an obsolete problem thanks to VINRO and Crossflow technology.


We like to take pride in maintaining a safe working environment in all the wineries that we attend to, so don’t think that you will be tripping over our hoses, power leads or fittings. All VINRO staff are trained in forklift operation – although we prefer to have winery staff drive the forklift whenever possible. Our staff are also required to wear appropriate footwear, eye protection and hand protection where required.

Any chemicals not suppled by the winery and used by VINRO at your winery are clearly marked and a current M.S.D.S. file is with the chemicals at all times. So, rest assured that while we are in your workplace there will be no mishaps that may cost time or injury to either party.

What you need to do…

VINRO Wine Filtration provides a mobile wine filtration service. All that the winery needs to provide us with to get started is:

  • One 4 pin 3-phase 32-amp power outlet (FX6) with D-Curve Circuit breaker
  • Two single phase 240 volt power outlets – or a reticulated dried compressed air system (for automatic valve actuation)
  • Clean hoses – adequate length from tank to filter to tank.
  • Your wine and a clean, empty tank we can filter into.
  • Clear access to all of the above.
  • Sufficient inert gas (we prefer bottled nitrogen), for pushing through filter and lines – we have a regulator and gasoline.
  • All VINRO equipment uses 2” B.S.M. fittings. We do carry some fittings and hoses, so please ask before we arrive if you are unsure.
  • Cleaning products; typically 5kg Caustic, 2.5 Kg Citric, 500kg PMS per days work.

We recommend that you print this page and use it as a checklist for cellar staff prior to our arrival. Although if you think it’s all in place, please help protect our environment and save your paper.