Crystal Brook Vineyards are part of the Plantagenet Wines group and provide the fruit for the majority of their label requirements. Recent changes have allowed several parcels of fruit to be released onto the market for the 2014 vintage.

Crystal Brook Vineyards includes some of the oldest plantings in the southwest such as the Bouverie block planted in 1968 and the nearby Wyjup block planted in 1972 as well as more recent plantings of Chardonnay at the Rosetta’s and Rocky Horror vineyards.

Fruit available from this vineyard includes several ha of old vine Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, on wide spacing with well managed vineyard inputs. There is a variety of cane and spur pruned blocks in E-W and N-S Orientation. Nutrition and water are carefully managed and monitored each season.

Management of the blocks can be flexible with in reason

For more detail see vineyard ID 247.