Vinro FAQ

Q. I have never had to crossflow my wines before, why should I now?

A. Crossflows are the best method of filtration available. There is no tainting, no oxidation, no disposal of filter media… the list grows. If none of that is convincing enough then just enquire about our price list.

Q. What wine temperature is best for crossflow filtration?

A. -5 to 0 degrees runs at 85% efficiancy. 0 to 8 degrees runs at 70% efficiancy and 8 to 15 degrees runs at 100% efficiancy.

Q. Filter contractors that we have had in the winery in the past have been a bit of a hassle, isn’t it easier just to do it ourselves?

A. Vinro are not just another bunch of filter operators. We view our clients as peers within the winemaking community -because all Vinro operators have been a part of that community as Winemakers, Cellarhands, Viticulturists and Production Managers. We know how wineries work and can respect the priority placed on some jobs. We know how to clean up after ourselves and keep out of the way (or help out as is usually the case) during busy periods.

Q. Do we perform filterability tests?

A. No.

Q. Who owns Vinro Wine Filtration?

A. Vinro Wine Filtration within Australia is owned by Skigh Enterprises PTY LTD. A Western Australian company of whom the sole director is Skigh McManus.

Q. What do I need to do before the filter arrives?

A. Ensure the wine is as clean as possible and stored in a tank with racking capabilities. Then look up Winery Requirements under the Crossflow menu on this website.

Q. How much wine will I lose during the process?

A. Losses will be less than 1% of total wine volume for volumes exceeding 3KL. Losses will be similar for volumes less than 3KL although we cannot give a percentage for these volume.